Bundi is a small and rustic town that is located in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan amidst a hilly terrain that is surrounded by Aravalli Range.  Bundi is well-known for splendour Rajput architecture and monuments, forts, palaces, step wells and water tanks decorated with frescoes on the walls of the palaces and forts that were used in Roman times and by the great masters of the Italian Renaissance. Major cities that surround Bundi are Jaipur, Kota and Ajmer. Bundi is famous for the Kajli-Teej festival that is celebrated and is held in the month of June -August of every month. During this month you can experience rainfalls. Bundi has much more to offer like lakes, waterfalls etc. that welcomes the travellers through an enormous gateway.

Best known for Ancient Step-walls and Forts

Bundi is best known for ancient Step-wells and famous for its forts, palaces, temples, miniature paintings and wall-paintings. For shopping you can find wooden toys, bangles, exquisitely designed shawls, traditional Kota sarees and so on.

Main Attractions:-

Major Attractions of Ajmer

Garh Palace

The construction of this magnificent palace was started by Maharao Balwant Singh. This palace is also known as Bundi Palace. It is a best example of Rajput architecture. It has several magnificent buildings such as, 'Ratan Daulat' (Diwan-i-Am), Chhatra Mahal, Phool Mahal & Badal Mahal. To enter here prior permission is needed.

Naga Saga Kund (step well) and Raniji Ki Baori (or Queen's Step well)

There are two step wells next to each other quite close to Chogan Gate in the centre of Bundi which were originally called Janana Sagar and Ganga Sagar - but are now jointly named as Nagar Saga Kund. There are not many sculptures around the inner walls. Raniji Ki Baori is also known as Bundi stepwell. This is Bundi’s most well known step wells.

Sukh Mahal

Sukh Mahal is one of the most beautiful palaces in Bundi. It was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in the year 1773. It is adorned in the golden desert sand which glitters under the bright radiant sun. By visiting this place you can feel the soothing breeze and solace of the mountains to rejuvenate your senses.

84 Pillared Cenotaph

It is also known as Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri.  In the year 1740, it was constructed by the Maharaja Rao Raja Anirudh of Bundi. It is covered by a decorated roof top that is supported by 84 pillars. It is particularly stunning when lit up at night.

Taragarh Fort
Taragarh Fort is also known as ‘Star Fort’. It is one of the most impressive structures of Bundi in the state of rajasthan. It was constructed in 1354 upon a steep hillside. The Taragarh Fort crowns the crest of a steep hill where you can view the picturesque view of the whole Bundi town.

Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is a madsive fort of Royal apartment constructed using 80 pounds gold along with selected stones. It was the capital of the major princely state of Bundi during the heyday of the Rajputs.It is surrounded by impressive palaces, gardens and tanks here, which appear to have been carved out of the hillside in several tiers.

Nawal Sagar Lake

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bundi and is situated at the heart of the town. It holds an immense religious importance as there is a famous temple near the lake. It offers a great ambience to spend some time amid peace, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Getting there

How to get Bundi

    Airport – Nearest airport is Jaipur Airport, located 200 kilometres from Bundi well connected with various major cities of India. From airport you can avail taxi to reach Bundi.  

    Train – Bundi has no Railway station. Kota Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the city. It is at a distance of 35 kilometres. The station is well-connected with major Indian cities.

    Road – Bundi city is well connected with other major cities. The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation runs deluxe and semi-deluxe buses connecting to nearby cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer etc. You can also avail buses and private cabs to reach Ajmer.

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